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Explore the therapy and relaxation of Sri-Lanka’s wellness tour package with a perfect health-giving summer pleasure. Amongst the island’s peaceful and deep rooted customs, let the traveler engage in a holistic experience where one’s mind and soul revive. Seek more than the average spiritual retreat and croon into luxurious Ayurveda resorts surrounded by everywhere greenery, where founder practitioners will be your new friends on the path to holistic wellness. Enjoy all the spa treatments that strike you as relaxing, go for individually tailored yoga classes that will teach you how to follow the rhythm of nature, and meditate in such a way that will let all turmoil go and you focus on the same rhythm. Sustain yourself with Ayurvedic nourishing, retaining and restoring menu perfectly. Author: Fabrizio Hare | Length: 33 words | News Category: Medicine & Health Fro surf-talks facing the beaches to idyllic mountain village retreats, immerse yourself in a world of well-being where every minute is focused on your well-being.

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