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Food and Drink

A Food and Drink Tour in Sri Lanka lets you enjoy not just the tastes of the country but also learn about the various cultures in the country, which makes it an incredibly fun experience for your tour group. Start your journey including the best of Sri Lankan food from the villages, passing through the markets, farming lands, and the local farmers’ gardens where they practice the use of traditional ingredients. Find your Sanctuary in the art of Sri Lankan cuisine through cooking classes where you can grasp the dishes like curry, hoppers and savories and so much more by becoming an expert along with the chef. Enjoy your brand-new creations with family and friends while you simultaneously share laughter and stories around the dining table; the perfect meals are accompanied by a cup of the refreshing king coconut water or Ceylon tea. These culinary trips are not only designed to awaken your taste buds but are also organized to make you be able to enjoy the vibrant food culture of Sri Lanka and the warmth of its people.

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